Work-Related Injuries?

1 Nov by citiesbrasil

Work-Related Injuries?

atlanta orthopedics

If you suffer from a work-related injury, you can turn to Atlanta Orthopaedic Institute to receive exceptional care. Located in the heart of Atlanta, the institute is home to a world-class team of physicians and compassionate staff. The team’s specialized services and facilities cover the spectrum of orthopaedic needs, including deformity correction, total joint replacement, and anterior hip procedures. They also have a dedicated Workers’ Compensation program to provide comprehensive, efficient treatment for work-related injuries and conditions. Find out –

Turn to Atlanta Orthopedics

If you need an orthopedic specialist, look no further than Atlanta Orthopedics. They specialize in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine. In addition to accepting most insurance plans, they accept most major medical insurance companies. Patients should also note that many doctors at this practice accept most insurance plans. To maximize your savings, consider scheduling an appointment at Perimeter Orthopedics before visiting an orthopedic specialist. They are a good option for most insurance plans, and they accept most major health insurance plans.

The Atlanta Orthopedics team includes a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Eric Furie. He offers personalized care to patients who sustain upper and lower extremity injuries. He specializes in shoulder and knee replacements, joint arthroscopy, and minimally invasive surgical procedures. He believes in treating patients with conservative methods and the least invasive surgical procedures. You can learn more about your condition and how to achieve the best possible outcome with his treatment.

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