Top Architects in Singapore

11 Jul by citiesbrasil

Top Architects in Singapore

A professional architectural company in Singapore has a team of architects who specialize in the field of structural, environmental, structural engineering and decorative wall design. With years of industry experience in designing for residential and commercial projects within Singapore, the architects of this company to ensure that every project is carried out to the highest standards possible. With state-of-the-art technology, expert knowledge and experienced personnel, this company prides itself on meeting client expectations and delivering customized and innovative solutions. Architectural projects are carried out by the following top architects in Singapore:

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The Raffles Group This award winning architectural firm is headed by Mr. John Combs, an American living in Singapore. He holds a bachelor degree in interior design from the University of Michigan. John has many years of experience in the design industry as both an apprentice designer and a senior designer for prestigious firms such as Atkins, Sherwood & Williams and Kaylor. His belief in the “third space” theory drives his enthusiasm for innovative solutions to architectural problems in high-rise buildings and urban retail centres alike. Raffles is presently undertaking projects in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Tokyo and Dubai.

Located in the heart of the entertainment district, this award winning interior design company prides itself on creating a harmony of architecture and creative thinking. Its highly skilled staffs are committed to transforming residential and commercial clients’ concepts into a comprehensive design solution. They strive to create a balance between the aesthetic quality of the design and functionality, without sacrificing quality and reliability. Project developments include sustainable cities and green building strategies. This award winning company offers a full range of design services from corporate through to bespoke projects.

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