Killara Childcare Centre

13 Nov by citiesbrasil

Killara Childcare Centre

little giants killara childcare centre

Little giants Killara Childcare Centre has been established in South Africa for the benefit of young children. It was founded in 1992 by Mary Jane Rimmer. We are located at Lady Game Drive, offering easy access to families who have busy lives. Renovated of an older house with a rich history in the community, is our aim built, fully air conditioned, five room Early Childhood centres. All our facilities are designed with the young children’s needs in mind. From a nursery with two rooms, to one large classroom with separate play areas, a separate music room, a changing table, toys, a small kitchenette and an area for playing, it all combines to provide everything that the child needs to learn and grow in a stimulating environment.

Killara Childcare Centre

Our Early Education centre is unique in that it has been designed to meet the unique needs of infants, toddlers and pre-school age children. Here we have a three room Learning Village which allows for a more interactive learning experience. There is also a library with books and CD’s for the children to read while they are learning. The centre has one play area for infants and toddlers and also a fun room for the preschool and babies. As with any childcare centres, there is a range of activities and games to keep children entertained.

There are a number of different programmes available for children’s development. Our primary programme helps children to build confidence and self esteem and encourages healthy interaction between parents and children. We offer a healthy eating programme which includes nutritional counselling, games, puzzles, games to keep children occupied, art and crafts, games to teach language skills, and games to help children learn basic life skills.

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