Getting an EU Blue Card

11 May by citiesbrasil

Getting an EU Blue Card

The eu blue card – Vanhack is an authorized EU-wide employment permit that allowing highly qualified non-EU citizens to reside and work in 25 of the member states of the European Union excluding Denmark and Ireland, who are not otherwise subject to the immigration law. As an EU citizen you can work anywhere in the member states of the union provided you have your valid passport and can provide the necessary visa and registration number. Non-EU workers have to have the consent of the employer for working in their country. Certain rules apply if the non-EU worker is residing and working in an EU country, but the requirements are very minimal. In most of the cases they have to be over the age of 18 and they should hold a valid passport and a visa number from their country of origin. They should also be registered in the place where they live as a permanent resident and have obtained legal residency status.


If you want to reside and work in one of the countries covered by the eu blue card you have to be over the age of 18, you must hold a valid passport that was issued by your country of origin and you should have a visa number and proof of residence in the country where you reside. In order to qualify for the visa number, you will need to present an identity certificate, evidence of residence for at least six consecutive years and proof that you have a right to reside in the country. In case of failure to meet these requirements the visa will be refused. In addition, if a family member of an EU blue card holder moves to another country, the permits and documents for their return will also not be accepted.


The process of obtaining the eu blue card is quite simple. You need to obtain a visa number from the German Federal Office for Migration, after that you have to get your work permit or benefit year card from the German Office for Migration. After that you can apply for a naturalization card, which proves that you are a resident of Germany and you must have the required documents to prove your identity. Once you have obtained your naturalization card, you may take advantage of the special benefits that are offered for people who have come to live in the country for the past 2 years.

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