Disability Accommodation Plans For University Staff

12 Nov by citiesbrasil

Disability Accommodation Plans For University Staff

The Disability Accommodation Plan (DAP) of the University of Glasgow is designed in the interests of all its staff, students and visitors alike. This plan was devised by a team of qualified disability specialists who will work alongside you to ensure that your disability is well taken care of. The Disability Accommodation Plan (DAP) is the University of Glasgow’s policy regarding disabled people in employment at the University. The university’s Disability Accommodation Plan is designed in order to investigate suitable accommodations for staff (including Student staff) with particular medical conditions or other disabilities. When applying for employment with the university you must first be diagnosed with a specific medical condition or illness. There are other types of disability, such as vision problems, but these are the most common.



If you have a specific medical condition that could interfere with your ability to work in the workplace then you must notify your manager of your need for disability accommodations. You should also be assessed by a qualified disability professional. Once you have been assessed and approved for disability accommodations the appropriate DAP officer will contact you and discuss the accommodations. The Disability Accommodation Plan will also cover all the aspects of your health and safety while you are working for the university. This plan is also designed to keep your employer updated on developments in your health and well-being, and how you may be able to improve your condition while working.

A typical DAP will include provisions for you to be provided with suitable assistance to carry out their daily duties, provision for mobility aids, and an orientation course. The orientation course will help you learn about your job responsibilities and the way that your disability affects you and those around you. If your disability is not severe then the orientation course is usually optional and you will be required to attend if you want to continue your employment with the university. Your orientation course will also give you information on how to stay safe while you are working. If your disability is severe then you may need a DAP assessment in addition to the provision of a DAP Orientation Course.

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