Demerath Law Office

31 May by citiesbrasil

Demerath Law Office

personal injury lawyer  Demerath Law Office

If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer omaha in Lincoln, Nebraska, look no further than Demerath Law Office. The firm has over 45 years of experience helping clients in the state. Accidents are more common than many people realize, leaving victims with significant injuries, medical costs, and lost time at work. The process of recovering from such an accident is not only difficult physically, but emotionally as well. A personal injury attorney can ease your transition by navigating the claims process from start to finish.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer

A law firm established in 1974, the Law Offices of Richard J. Schicker has been serving the Omaha metro area for over forty years. Their personal injury attorneys help people file lawsuits against insurance companies. Attorneys at this firm carefully review accident and medical records to build strong cases that will get you the compensation you deserve. They will even negotiate with the insurance company to get you the most compensation possible for your injuries. The firm also offers Spanish-speaking attorneys, so you can easily communicate with them.

With a personal injury lawyer by your side, you’ll have the best chance of getting the compensation you deserve. Not only can you get compensated for your physical injuries, but you can also seek compensation for your emotional distress. Your attorney will contact your creditors on your behalf to negotiate a fair settlement for you. You may also be eligible for credit disability insurance (CDP), which will help you pay off your debts while you recover from your injuries.

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