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26 Nov by citiesbrasil

Horse Rehabilitation – How Rehabilitation Specialists Work With Your Vet

horse rehabilitation

Horse Rehabilitation – While a horse can recover from an injury or illness in the field, many rehabilitation specialists will not leave a horse to heal on its own. This is usually where professional horse care comes into play, allowing a horse to recover and be fit enough to return to its usual habits and activities.

Horse Rehabilitation – How Rehabilitation Specialists Work With Your Vet

It’s important that rehab specialists understand the different ways in which a horse may suffer an injury and how it might progress. Some horses may need more time than others to heal, depending on the severity of the injury. For example, a broken limb needs several weeks to recover before it can be put back on a horse, while an acute infection could have a much shorter recovery time period. A horse with a broken leg would need at least five months to recover fully, while an acute infection would need three months to recover.

As with any rehabilitation specialist, it’s important to work closely with your vet and other experts so that you get the best possible advice as to what should happen next and how a horse is recovering. The more your horse is encouraged to do on its own, the less likely it is to feel pain or even notice when someone else is supervising its life.