Day: February 15, 2021

15 Feb by citiesbrasil

How to Detect Swimming Pool Leak Location Before Construction Is Complete

If you have had a swimming pool built in your home then there is a likelihood that you will need to regularly service and maintain it. This will help to extend its useful life as well as help you save money on the annual cost of ownership. However, if you let your swimming pool sits unmaintained for too long, you may end up having to send the swimming pool leak detection company in to check on it. This is a rather costly venture as the average cost of detecting a swimming pool leak is about $3000. So it is very important that you detect swimming pool leaks as soon as they are noticed.

How to Detect Swimming Pool Leak Location Before Construction Is Complete

The swimming pool leak detection process is quite simple. If your pool has not been constructed properly then it will probably start leaking. To start with, check your pool’s rate of loss per cubic foot of water. Using the bucket test and the swimming pool pipes simulator to calculate your annual average rate of loss, identify problem areas. Your pool should ideally be completely empty at all times, including on warm summer days. Once you know that your pool has not been fully maintained then the next step of swimming pool leak detection will be necessary.

A good swimming pool leak detection service can locate and mark problem swimming pool leaks using a variety of equipment including underwater heat sensors, pressure gauges and thermometers. These tools help to quickly pinpoint swimming pool leaks and make the repair process as easy as possible. If a leak is allowed to go unchecked then it will eventually result in structural damage to the liner or the structure of the pool. Leaks can easily be repaired, but if they are allowed to continue then you risk having to close down your pool for a considerable amount of time or even having to entirely rebuild it in some instances.